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Thread: Today's Patch

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    Today's Patch

    I was very happy to see that the third and fourth pouches are working properly after today's patch.

    There is one thing that also changed that wasn't so nice (at least for me). I now cannot open the containers I have made with my basketweaver/hunter/scaventer in order to use the materials I have gained on my crafting alts. Do I have to reroll my bonecrafter to be able to kill his own animals and then somehow be able to bonecraft as well as make containers?

    I realize this is probably in anticipation of tribes, but currently this is kind of a showstopper in terms of playing around with crafting. going to try out gift baskets just in case they allow access...

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    Re: Today's Patch

    Yeah, I brought this up last night:

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    Re: Today's Patch

    huh weird I guess I am not able to access that area yet

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    Re: Today's Patch

    PM Virtus. Or catch him in IRC. He has to manually give people access to the Citizens forums.

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    Re:Today's Patch

    Hey glad your here. Hopefully you get the exclusive member's only access. :laugh:

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