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    Crafting request/suggestion

    I was trying to level up some crafting yesterday and I noticed one thing that I would feel to be a benefit. For recipes that require a tool, say scissors, when making scraps from fabric, can we get the recipe to auto-pick any scissors available in your pack, so we are not doing that 30 times in a row. If there is a reason we for this to be in place I'm fine with it, just a wish.

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    Re:Crafting request/suggestion

    I think you need to select the tools each time because you can use multiply tools for the same job. Guessing at some point the tools selected will influence to outcome.

    I agree though, there should be a better way. Maybe the tools should stay selected after crafting. Another solution would be to require everything for a job to be in one bag. Then you would just need to select a particular bag and tools and mats would auto add to the crafting window.

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    Re:Crafting request/suggestion

    Just leaving the tools selected is the obvious and simple solution.

    And while we're on the subject of crafting suggestions I'd like to see all the fabric crafting recipes (scraps, thread, string, twine) become generic instead of one for each material type (which makes the list ridiculous and cumbersome). So instead of Denim, Wool, Polyester, Cotton, etc. Twine just have one Twine recipe and obviously whatever string material you add you will wind up with that type of twine.

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