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Thread: surveyor skill

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    surveyor skill

    While playing with terraforming I started to see where a skill like this might come in handy. A few stakes and some thread and you could block out your site to help with the planning process and aid your workers in carrying it out properly.

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    Re:surveyor skill

    Interesting idea

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    Re:surveyor skill

    While I wait for my last terraform to register I figured I would share another idea for this skill. A craftable stake that anyone who attaches to it would determine (by the elevation of the spot it is placed) the elevation of the results of the leveling action performed by anyone who has attached to the stake. Currently even with the elevation display it is a pain in the neck trying to get anything close to perfectly leveled ground.

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    Re:surveyor skill

    yea a surveyor skill would be great, something you plan out your terraforming with and once you start on the site you can kind of latch on it. say you want to dig on a straight like due east, you make then target the site or whatever and begin terraforming

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    Re:surveyor skill

    I would agree on this IF they remove the x,y,z land coordinates. That way the surveyor can see the x,y,z locations.

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