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Thread: 3 shadow bogs

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    3 shadow bogs

    1) panning view somtimes dims overall light, this i can't reproduce but noticed it twice;
    2) in first person view look at your own shadow, and you'll see that you are a headless zombie;
    3) when going around mountains cast shadows on trees in a weird way, because the edges "move" while you move too, this simply shouldn't happen.

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    Re: 3 shadow bogs

    I assume #1 refers to my second video in this post:

    And yeah, I agree about the moving shadows you mention in #3. Looks bad. I forgot to mention those in my post above. I think I even have video of it that I planned on uploading.

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    Re: 3 shadow bogs

    Yeah! it's the same you showed in the vid.

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