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Thread: New player help

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    New player help

    I need help determining what all the pics mean. When I do a mouseover it does not tell me. Also, is there a way to carry more than 1 bag. They have 4 or 5 slots to the right of the bag picture - what are these used for and if they are bags how do we get them.

    A brief walkthru tutorial would be cool. I do not mind spending the monthly fee but all I have done over the last week is walk around and pick up things. I tried making a camp fire and figured out it doesnt matter what king of rock you have as long as you have 10 of the same kind. It was very hard to build the campfire. It took about 5 attempts before the game would recognize I had 10 granite to build the fire. Then the fire would not light. it just smoldered. Maybe someone could give me more direction.

    Please post any helpful tips for me and any other new players.

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    Re:New player help

    Yes you can get more bags, pouches I think. Basketry can make them.

    As for the campfires last I checked they were broken. Could be a problem with the new permissions just implemented, but a few of us noticed problems before the patch.

    Alot of people have been practicing terraforming and experimenting with crafting and finding new patters. Animals are in so maybe grab a weapon and go after some deer or coyotes. Make a few characters with different crafts and see what they can do.

    Also check this out. Guide/Tutorial

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    Re:New player help

    Hello, if you need help, go to zone "Secret Cove" or zone 941, I am there all the time working on things. I can help walk you thru some of the basics. And make anything you need until you get the jest of the game. See you then.

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