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    Playing as if you are link dead

    Sorry forgot to send a email on this one last night, And now I'm at work so I'll do it when I get home.

    Last night a Tribe mate and I logged in to play around, And found that we could not do any thing but move around. It was as if we was link dead. We was on new toons that we made and was at the Glendale spawn point. I could see her, and she could see me, But that was it. We could not see each other moving around. I did put Lag in the general chat channel to try to give you all something like a time stamp. My toon was named Alik_Steel. By the way, I never saw the lag comment pop up in general chat.

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    Re:Playing as if you are link dead

    Im in game right now and cannot do anything, ya its like the servers disconnected.

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    Re:Playing as if you are link dead

    A restart of the game might have fixed it i am now able to open my bags and stuff.

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    Re:Playing as if you are link dead

    Yea, We relogged and still could not do anything. Just before that Jad was out fishing, As she waited for me to log in. It was not till we made new toons that this happen to her.

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