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Thread: Beta Tribe

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    Beta Tribe

    I only know of one tribe that I have seen that they have at lest ten members of there Tribe in [strike]Beta[/strike] now. That could start there tribe if they was to put in tribes today. Hopi could do it after a week or so I think, We have the members but a lot of them are staying away for now, So that they will not burn out before the game goes live. I also know that there was one or two groups that seemed to play together when all we had was two spawn point's. So there is a good bit of people that play the game per week.

    What I was wanting to see, How many active Xsyon gamers would want to (at lest at the start) go in together and make one big tribe as we learned how the tribe works. Later after the newness of it wears off and more tribes have there members in-game we could break apart and start making our own tribes. But there will be things that only large tribes can do. Like Flags and Emblems for sure, There may be more that I don't know of.

    So ...... What ya think? :S

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    Re: Beta Tribe

    Since we all have three characters in beta, won't that mean it will only take 4 people to make a tribe? or do they all have to be dancing in a circle at creation?

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    Shinra has the members needed to create a tribe and is ready to go. Recruitment is open if anyone needs a tribe

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    It's called testing, Einstein :blink: . But you go on and think of it as some carebear thing to do.

    I was thinking of this as a testing tribe, But if every one just want's to do there own thing, That's OK by me. I just thought that a test tribe would be cool to do.

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    I am not the tribe leader, but I'm sure Progressio et Industria could put together the members to start a tribe for beta, even though the majority wouldnt be actively playing during beta until more to do is in without frequent wipes. Maybe tribes would be what brings them back actively though.

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    DHV has enough members to start and try out the tribe system.

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    Hey, Im only saying we have a good crew growing.. Shins got a bunch, Hopi too..
    The key atm is how we deal with greifers...

    Atm the only one with balls is Rev... but he logs off an onto an alt when we catch on..
    Illmac is the same way, "Though he talks more soot than he can preform"...scream's pvp but jumps off the second it doesn't favor him..

    I have yet to meet a PVPer in game that will meet a fight...well one and they whined when i kept killing the body.

    Hopi, Shin we all agree there are some turdes that need fixing...Single account will fix most...but I think the turd will last...hehe

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    You will never rid yourself of trolls my friend.

    The only thing you can do is put them down :P.

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    prokop15 wrote:
    We need to band together to field 10 semi-active players? Oh jeet christ.
    I think somewhere he said he will lower it to 5 for the start. I have known to be wrong though.

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    Re:Beta Tribe

    Stop "playing" the beta or you will get burnt out really quick... Just "test" it off and on, i.e. don't play it everyday.

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