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Thread: Wipe

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    I hope you will do the wipe today so we all can work up our toons through the weekend
    ...Is a fishing pole a pattern?I chose fishing and no pole? hmy:

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    Re: Wipe

    Make sure you did choose fishing as a skill. To do this, please open your skills menu and locate the Fishing skill, if the skill is at or above 25 and you haven't been fishing like the gods, then you did choose this skill, if it is not 25 or higher then you didn't choose this skill.

    If the skills menu says you choose the fishing skill then this is a bug. Please submit a Bug report.

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    Any word on when the wipe will happen? I too hope that the wipe will happen soon, So that we can start a-new this weekend.

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    Yah, nothing less motivating than an impending wipe.

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    I think jooky plans it for 2morrow at some point. He is working on some stuff: bugs, player suggestions etc etc.

    He is going to make a post at some point.

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    Wipe it all!!!! Time for a clean slate

    Got all weekend to play so I want some new toys

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    Some of our changes aren't ready, but they are ready enough for a wipe.

    We'll test today's changes through the night and I will wipe everything by 6:00 AM Pacific time.

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    Thanks jooky, Wipe in just over two hours.

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    Hey are we umm...comeing up soon it 8:00....Is it hrs away?I dont want to just sit here! :laugh: Please?

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    should be happening now, It's 8am here and I am 2 hours ahead of jooky. Sp it's after 6am there.

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