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    New Features...Schedule Plan?

    Hi are the DEV-team in the Holidays?..
    Next Features Tribes?..or more things?...Please give us a schedule plan for the next Features and Weeks!
    Paypal Status(Many Member from my Clan ABT are waiting for this )?..Website Status?..or more Screenshots from Features (i need it for XSYON-News -->

    Greetings Whorlok

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    Re:New Features...Schedule Plan?

    Virtus, I click yout link and it says I don't have access to that forum? how is that?

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    Re:New Features...Schedule Plan?

    add www to, it its the stupid forums there is a difference between and http:// its really annoying

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    Re:New Features...Schedule Plan?

    Virtus wrote:
    You do not have access to this forum! :/
    arg, okay. with www it works. never mind.

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