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Thread: Coordinates

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    Will we have the same zone and XYZ info available once the game is released?

    I have heard rumors that it would go away but nothing definite. I find it very useful and hope it stays.

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    good reason not to leave it, it may as well be a map

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    It would be nice if the coordinates were replaced with the area name where you are currently located. Sometimes those messages disappear all too fast.

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    odd to be worried about a map.. you can download any map of tahoe and it works fine (I did a lap around the lake and the map I found matched up quite nicely with all the named areas). I think if there isn't going to be any coordinates or zone names popping up, then we need more distinct landmarks. no matter how nice you make the trees and landscape they still won't be unique in the way real trees and terrain are.

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    I hope it would be accurate else we have to worry about the G-man modifying our satellite info :blink: :P

    As for a map, actually it's more like a GPS system. Leaving the co-ords in permanently would mean that if you find a stash of something then you can just write down the number and return to it whenever you like.

    GPS during an apocalypse seems a bit ironic.

    Might I also not that Wurm nor Roma Victor had any way of telling exact location.

    Once tribes start appearing, buildings built, and you learn the terrain more it will make it easier to navigate around.

    For example, when running around Round Hill is a very obvious land mark. I know when i am on the South West side of the lake because there is a smaller lake just off of Tahoe.

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    Virtus wrote:
    good reason not to leave it, it may as well be a map
    Don't go off the deep end with "reality", and make it impossible to play. You want to work on realityu, stop bears from climbing straight up cliff walls.

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    coords will be gone soon , hopefully after the skybox displays sunrises/sunsets properly ;D

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    gotta be honest a map or cords wouldnt hurt IMO , im really not digging the whole dont know were ur going ..gonna make trades and such VERY hard when u have to "describe " were u are ..

    "im near the lake with the trees near it " :P

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    sun rises in the east, it sets in the west.

    We dont know much about navigation yet, but it should not be some generic hand holding casual map for everyone by just pressing M.... no hand holding please this is a true open sandbox.

    You are not supposed to know where you are going or where you are, you are supposed to explore and find other tribes yourself. That is why you can make roads and some logistic elements already.

    I have no clue how we will navigate, but it will not be with coords.

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    I'm staying lost as hell 99% of the time, The only time I'm not is when I say the hell with it and I'm going to do my thing where ever the hell I am.

    This is not WOW,EQ2,LOTRO,SWG,WAR or what ever MMO you played last. Not having a map is part of the game. Immersion factor is one point to no map, But say Jooky caved in on this, And gave us a map. What next? Showing stats on all armor, weapons? Little numbers scrolling up the screen as we fight to tell up what our dps is? When do you stop, When it becomes WOW? How about the big red button that makes you max out on all skill's?

    Like I said at the top of this comment, I stay lost, But that also helps in making what land we have feel very large? But think back to the last game you played, How often did yoou run around not even looking around and seeing the world? Most likely you ran around with the map up and missed most of the world.

    Come on gang, Let's have fun getting lost together.

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