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    Interactive Map

    I would suggest getting a mapping system like Age of Conan uses. You can easily zoom in and out using your mouse wheel. When you get closer, it gives better detail to what your seeing, if you zoom out, it gets more grainy.

    I don't even know if this game will have an in-game map, but if it does, please make it like that!

    Static maps = bad

    Interactive maps = good

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    Re: Interactive Map

    Navigation is so major, i dont want some theme park hand holding map .

    Need a whole cartography system , map parts that can be found and collected/assembled, treasure maps, secret maps, and further down the road some more electronic/modern devices, but NOT the same for everyone.

    Trading maps would be cool, it should not be some dumb animations with a generic map that everyone has. I will never support any hand holding feature, this is a true open sandbox, not a hand holding themepark. We need strong game mechanics not generic crap.

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