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    Crazy Pixel world

    My graphics are totally hosed as of this update. massively pixelated graphics and almost no framerate once I get into the game world. Everything runs fine in character creation and loading screens. i can sort of see the landscape through various sized squares of distortion that seem to slowly slide down the screen. My graphics card gave a message that it had reset itself because it was no longer responding.

    Everything was beautiful last night. Tried some game setting changes but no luck so I am going to try reinstalling and see if that fixes whatever happened.

    2.53ghz core2 duo
    5750hd radeon card
    4gb ram
    32bit XP
    xfi sound card

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    tweaked more settings and updated my ATI drivers to the new ones from this week. Seems to have smoothed things out again.

    nm still screwed up. seemed as long as I just looked at the ground everything was fine but when I look at trees my framerate tanks and eventually my video card decides to reset itself and asks to send an error message.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    reinstalled xsyon, my display drivers, ran drive utilities turned all settings as low as they can go and still I get a rainbow colored nightmare whenever I log into the world. the interface and even the "welcome to xsyon" text looks clean.. but all 3d is completely hosed. I have run other games and don't have this problem with them.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    please email bugs and just provide this link.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    Please email me some screenshots and a screenshot of your Options menu.


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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    excellent patch I haven't seen any of the problems reported yet after today's update.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    spoke too soon. I got cocky and tried to turn up the settings while out taking a jog around the lake... not good. I managed to get things stable again but even so I have run into some situations where looking in a particular direction will cause choppy fps and some of the crazy pulsing tree monsters. Alt tabbing out and back in has managed to fix these issues so far since I restabilized my settings. when I am sure the settings are working I will post a screenshot of what I ended up with.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    last patch has taken me back from nice and smooth to having to look down to avoid graphics hangups (1fps and crazy graphics glitches till I alt tab and crazy giant pulsing trees, if I don't look down I freeze up for a long time and occasionally get an error message from my ati drivers saying they have had to reset) I have also noticed an occasional GUI glitch that offsets a line that might be a highlight from all of the gui windows that are open. These glitches show up offset below gui windows a bit under an inch below each window. Once again this can be corrected with an alt tab.

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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    Xsyon wrote:
    Please email me some screenshots and a screenshot of your Options menu.


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    Re:Crazy Pixel world

    did it a while back.. I packed up some fraps movies and jpgs

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