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    First hour impressions.

    I've got to say, first hour in the prelude, are terrible. For over an hour I ran and found NOTHING. Nothing to forrage, nothing to scavange, nothing to hunt, kill or fight.. It's like real life... BORING. WTF am i doing wrong here, or is this just the current state of the game?

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Hello Psyom:

    Something is up with animals, have to talk to Jooky(Xsyon) about it there are some known issues with them.

    As for nothing to do, the main thing people find enjoyable is the terraforming. The tribes I believe are making armor and clothing and make-shift bases out of dirt so as to make a small community.

    I think right now, to enjoy the game more, join up with a tribe, maybe not official but I'm sure one would be willing to help you out.

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Well, a bit more like RL than you expected maybe? You need to appreciate that this is not another WoW or AION... you need to be more inventive and most definately more patient... added to which the game is only 25% at most completed.

    If you want to see what people are up to pop over to Crystal....

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Also, this isn't Prelude.

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    The idea of the game is to be dumped into a new reality and to explore it and its possibilities. It's a sandbox.

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Luculus wrote:
    The idea of the game is to be dumped into a new reality and to explore it and its possibilities. It's a sandbox.
    Well he's got a point that there isn't much of anything to do now. There aren't many possibilities to explore. But as I pointed out this isn't Prelude so that's not surprising. We're helping to hammer out any bugs.

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Hello folks. Not sure which zone you ended up, but I ran a bunch of animals, four coyotes, two racoons and a deer near where I started. I foraged some plants and berries, scavenged some metal buckles and cloth straps. Fished some trouts and salmon near the lake. Made many bins and containers too...all of which vanished dumb me.
    Anyways, where did you start and what are your skills like?

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    Well after putting in a few more hours, I did encounter 3 deer. Killed 1, but didnt have a knife to do much with it.. The further you wander from starting areas, the less there is to find. I think the problem was that my expectations were that of a game that needed testing, and was nearing completion. This game (or client) that is avalable to us, is not what I was expecting. I like the open sand box write up, but It needs things to do. The game could still become what I want from it, but its far from ready..

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    now that the animal collision problem is fixed you should be seeing more animals around.

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    Re:First hour impressions.

    dont't wanted to make up a new thread, because my impressions are not that important .
    just noticed, that the behaviour of coyotes has changed, and I love it. they follow you across regions-borders, on the water too, and it costed me some good left-right-combinations to get rid of them hehe.
    very nice folks, good work, they seem to roam now in a larger area, and that's pretty realistic and makes it a bit more stretching to do something near them. :laugh:

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