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Thread: Server Crash?

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    Server Crash?

    Just dropped

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    Re:Server Crash?

    hold on, will get him.

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    Re:Server Crash?

    Yep same here. I was in middle of getting killed by two coyotes...maybe i lived.

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    Re:Server Crash?

    were they recient spawns? Seems the huge lags and crashes happen when animals are spawned.

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    Re:Server Crash?

    Appears to be another crash

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    Re:Server Crash?

    yep, a friend and I just crashed as well

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    Re:Server Crash?

    yah..time to nuke some Cup o Noodle :woohoo:

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    Re:Server Crash?

    Yep. Hey Kitsume

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    Re:Server Crash?

    It might take a while...

    Apparently the new world collision map that loads can be interrupted by players logging in while the process loads.

    I've shut down the launch server while I try to get the main server back up. We will definitely work on this as a priority tonight.

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