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    Log From Ass Bug

    My fellow tribe mate, Acid, discovered that right clicking on my toon, Starvin Marvin produced the options 'Pick Up' and 'Destroy'. Thankfully no one has yet had premission to destroy me. When the 'Pick Up' option is chosen, however a log is magicaly produced, even though I'm not even near one, let alone holding one. It also is the same log everytime. At least my butt isn't an endless source of logs. :laugh:

    So if anyone one wants to come and pull logs out of my ass, I welcome you all B) :laugh:

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    :huh: lmao :laugh:

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    You need to change your diet. :blink:

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    What diet, I'm Starvin Marvin and my tribe leader only feeds me one bean a day

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    You need to find yourself a big nice termite mound and sit your ass right down on it. :woohoo:

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    Wish you guys could start posting screen shots of the bugs you find... >_<

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    reading the description, I think this is one I DON'T want to see a picture of

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    OOOOO I so want the power to Rclick>Destroy... Jooky, please

    Seriously thou, that is one sweet bug! Or is that a Easter Egg? Mmmm... Anyways I will make sure Jooky has seen this and let him take it from there.

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    Re:Log From Ass Bug

    Ihere's not much to see of this bug, just two people and one of them holding a log. B)

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