What i think it really is the use of real people being able to help construct a game with the developers using our direct input of what we want to see. What will keep us paying them so we can play the game we helped build,an because we helped the process of creating it we are 9 out of 10 more likely to play for years and years cause its tailored to what the players want most for there enjoyment.

This is the first mmo here in America I've seen that said come test a game that isn't fully complete tell me if you see bugs? What I'm seeing is a game with a handful of stuff and a developer saying come Tell me what you think of my game and tell me what you would like to see and if it stays in line with the story or theme and we can do it we will see if we can add it if a good majority of people want it. I'm here to make you happy.

What I'm seeing is a guy who has seen the down falls of all major mmo companies out there, an says i will do it the right way.

Do you know why I've played so many mmo's and can't stay with just one? It's because every mmo has something id love to see come all together in one complete mmo so i can play just the one mmo!

I haled from years of EQ and SWG before the NGE. Iplayed EQ 2 beta and 1 year after launch left for Vanguard. Ended up going back to EQ 1 with it's lower end graphics and stick trees and stuff cause what they had in the beginning was the sandbox. Then they decide to make new sandbox change every thing add new things leave old things out.

I've played WOW,Aion,Guildwars,Archlord,MXO,And so many more I want name them all I've betaed almost all these mmo's. Well I'm board of everyone cause they tailor mainly to the kids,people who want to do what takes few months in a day,they don't ever listen to the people say hay i want a long progressive hard game i can spend time on and not get board.They never let players in on the ground floor of the game with the input in the making which is what Xyson here has done. It's let us players on the ground floor to throw ideas things we like to see what we desire to make our everyday meaning less lives more enjoyable. The escape from our own Destruction!

This is what I feel about this. Xyson has a Player for life as it stands!