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    Reporting threads.

    It has recently come about that players are starting to get upset with posts and are instantly asking, "why is this allowed?"

    The answer is simple. These forums are not monitored twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

    Moderators have to read posts just like you to find content in which isn't welcome on the site.

    As a moderator we use varying polices to keep things under control, however as we have to read each thread/post on the site to ensure the content is clean, and some moderators (like myself) wont read certain areas of the site, there will be times when some content that is objectionable is allowed on this site.

    For this reason, we allow members to report posts that they may find offensive.

    That is, we ask members of the forum to help assist moderators to find and stop this as it happens. We all have a life outside of Xsyon, and we could not do it without the help from players. Working as a team we are able to keep these forums clean.

    Reporting a thread, and asking "why do you allow this, its rather upsetting" isn't because 'we allow it', its because a moderator hasn't seen it. Any reported thread is read by countless staff and will take the same action(s) they would have done if they read it before you sent the report.

    We do not give special treatment because a thread/post was reported, it just gives us direct links to ensure it is within the forums guidelines.

    If one moderator doesn't believe the report is requiring action, another moderator can look at the report, see nothing has been done about it, and can decide what they wish to do about the same report.

    And of course, each report is logged by Virtus which allows him to at least see the original content, and what the moderator may have done with the post after the edit has taken place (this only applies to reported threads). He too can also review any behaviour changes and has the power to take this too Jooky if he believes more has to be done about the situation.

    On a personal note, I would like to give my thanks for using the report post features, please keep doing so if you feel it is required. But do remember that just because you 'have to' report it, doesn't mean we allow it, it just means that it hasn't been read by staff yet.

    And on a final topic, lets focus this right down. The "Anything Goes" forum is not designed for everyone, and is quite liberal in what will be allowed.

    Because of this liberality general rules of the forum do not apply and a lot more content is allowed to dwell within this area. It is not something we advise is for everyone.

    For this reason, we will soon enable a feature that will require players to first 'opt in' to view this section of the forum. To opt in means that you are okay with the content that may be found within this area, and wish to be 'subjected' to the material. And that you also agree that the rules of the general forum do not apply to this section of the forum.


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    Re: Reporting threads.


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    Re:Reporting threads.

    Understood... good post.

    Keep up the good work

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