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    Are you able to sit in this game? I have tried but so far cannot find a way too and I think sitting will be really important for the roleplay aspect of this game.

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    Yeah, that would be nice, I agree.
    Have mentioned this somewhere sometime - can't remember lol.
    I'm a total fan of sitting - perhaps together with friends after a hunt or a build around a fire and a beer and a smoke and a girl in my hands ... :blush: B) :laugh:
    Actually this does not work Zarnek as far as I know.

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    I suck at doing in-forums searches, But I know I read some where that we will be able to sit.

    But right now there is a ton of things that need fixing and added as well. I am sure it's close to the end of his to do list.

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    For a sandbox game i think that some stance like sit/sleep are very very important.

    Lot of player will like this type of game because they will roleplay and it's important.

    I hope they will add this to the game before the launch date.

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    I dont think we should be able to sit, in the apocalypse we should have a lot of worms in our ass holes due to lack of sanity.

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    Yep i agree sitting is a basic really that i hope is "switched on" at some point! possibly linked to faster regen.

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