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Thread: Aug 3 update

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    Aug 3 update

    updated stuff is working fine on my end.I did notice a roll back on my char about 60 to 90 min.You may know that,Lost a book to boho. :S

    also it update 2 time in two start ups.

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    Re:Aug 3 update

    It was about an 8 hour item roll back

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    Re:Aug 3 update

    Any ideas on how to actually add a friend or foe anyone?

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    Re:Aug 3 update

    Select a player and you will see Friend and Foe buttons at the top of the screen.

    We are switching this to a right click menu very soon.

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    Re:Aug 3 update

    Many thanks for the reply

    Will there be anyway to set friend/foe remotely i.e. from the Social box, at any point in the future?

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