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    I Pre-Orderd the game!


    I wanted to say hello and i be trying out the game, hope to see you in the game soon!

    Loading patch right now.. Can't wait to see whats going on!


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    Re:I Pre-Orderd the game!

    Welcome to Xsyon!

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    Re:I Pre-Orderd the game!

    Don't get burnt out of the game before it launches like a bunch of people have already done. Play it a few minutes every few days IMHO.

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    Re:I Pre-Orderd the game!

    Welcome, if you are a person that likes testing games, i mean real testing just do it..

    If you just came to check how the game is..just play it sometimes, check how it is..dont get burned...when it launches get with a clan and enjoy a sandbox game, just dont compare it to any other games out, enjoy what you have, more should come in time..afterall its going to be the start of a new world post apocalypse.

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    Re:I Pre-Orderd the game!

    Thanks, Yea i do my best to try help find stuff..

    Sofar there's a few things that kinda bugs me, but alot cool things too!

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