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Thread: Kali Ma Tribe

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    Kali Ma Tribe

    (Note this is still under construction but i was asked to make a recruitment thread for those that are intrested)

    The Kali Ma tribe was formed during the darkest days of the Armageddon with the sole purpose of unity. Power thru training, wisdom thru sharing, and trust thru time; it builds on the concept that "Many hands makes light work"

    Adapting to the deserts that formed around us we learn to make use of the available lands and resources while defending ourselves from hostile threats to our way of Life.

    Our Colors are the Scorching Sun and the Burning Sands.

    What we offer?

    We bring the experience of working in a sandbox games such as Wurm online. The prime concept of "Many hands make light work" uses a community based life that makes every player contribute to the "community" as a whole. It allows for the individual to prosper at the same time helping new players adapt and learn.

    Power thru training

    One of the major points in joining a community is the ability to specialize. One of these can be Combat driven. While everyone learns to defend themselves some prefer to have the quiet life and craft. That's where a few that enjoy the aspect of fighting can help secure resource and protect the town in exchange for weapons and armor. This symbiotic relationship gives the crafters protection and PvP'ers a home.

    Wisdom thru sharing

    As a community grows so does the friendships and kinship within the town. Working as a team allows for a greater understanding of the world around us thus crafters can work on their skills and help teach those who are new to the craft. This passing of knowledge keeps players involved and eager to work on their skills thus as someone advances or moves on there is a younger player that can fill the needs.

    Trust thru time

    Learning to trust one another is hard when you first meet and thus this gives players a chance to work along side "older" players. During times of War it becomes important to work together thus exploring or hunting together becomes critical to achieve victory even against larger or more powerful opponents.

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    Re: Kali Ma Tribe

    I like your story and name ^^

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    Horton your legion flocks to you! Yes we will have to try this!! :laugh:

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    Thanks for the reply and good to see you Tonygreen.

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    Hey, good look with your tribe mate.
    We haven't got an alliance? If you decide to make an alliance with us, send me a pm or visit my website.

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    I have not established an alliance just yet but I am sure to get back with you soon

    I updated the page

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    What not even Whosville as name? How could you!

    Anyways count me in

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe

    I like it. +1

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    Re:Kali Ma Tribe


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