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    The encumbrance system has now been altered from what I understand its meant to be.

    Encumbrance is meant to stop you picking up items when its maxed, but currently you can get more than what you can carry and move with it. The bar that represents encumbrance, does in fact continue past the 'max' area and goes outside the bar.

    I asked another player to pick up the pack and try as well, it seems now he is having weird crashes when trying to move. Which started only when he had the pack on and stopped when removed.

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    Re: Encumberance

    this I experienced yesterday too doing movement of objects from 4pcs pouces to a 50 slot basket.


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    Hi all. I noticed encumbrance can be annoying at times, but its practicle that the more you carry the less you can move and your energy gets used up faster. Dont bother trying to swim if your encumbrance unless you want to wait for while. Also I was testing to see how much encumbrance one can get/be. Seems there is no limit to how much you can be encumbrance as long as you have room in your inventory, at least four empty slots if your doing scrap materials (breaking them down into four). Took a screenshot of my encumbrance, notice how much I am waaaaaaaaay over.

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    sorry for the topicbreak, but how did u get that large bagpack? Basketry?

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    Hello, I got it from basketry. Being in a tribe helps, my basketry character made them (since we our basketry was busy or was not availble) so I made litteraly 100s of pouches and bins for folks. And one of the tribe folks traded the bin to my main character. Bins are 50 slot and pouches are 10 slot. Its very helpful if you are scavenging or focusing on crafting for awhile.

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    Encumbrance weight bug

    There is a bug/glitch when you are encumbranced. The more you are encumbrance the faster you are able to move but you will crash to desktop. I was testing this out a few days ago, however I didnt ticket it/report it at the moment. I already emailed and sent them how it happen. However am not sure if its just me, so if anyone else have had this happen please share. Here is a screenshot of how encumbrance I am.

    Also it seems when you are very encumbranced, when you move forward or backward or any movement, you go the opposite way. Still have yet to find out what the max encumbrance allowance is. For now there is no limit on weight/encumbrance as long as you have room in your backpack/invenotory.

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