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    omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    Well all the buttons work now except tribes.

    Be back when that works... until then... the carebears got it covered

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    Oh, no worries Rev... You got yerself a foe. Infact I plan to make a whole set of hellhole armour with yer Jordi lets us. Heh, granted ya got the sand to stay ingame as Rev insted of relogging an alt like a coward... Haha

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    Combat is broken, i hate to say it, its worse ive seen since ive beta tested, FreeWorld.. Very sad, would have been a good Sandbox game..

    This game has alot to offer, sofar i seen alot of new things, only a few rants for me is. Graphics is horrble on my new dell, no matter what setting i use, trees just go from seeing to invisble, to blink off and on in the distance, im sure this is something being fixed.
    Water looks really Great-Sky too, i hate how the areas looks so barren, and not sure how the other area looks? I do more exploring as i get the time.

    Rain is lame, it comes on fast and then its over as soon as it starts, i mean real storms comes up, the skys gets black -gray and then slowly starts and then when its over it's slow leaving, here in the game its like being in a shower or geting hosed down. :S

    I hate how the hands looks on my guy and how he looks like undead, and that neck-side to side twitch, its all good for some i guess, just it's just the most important thing to me is a game that has a good looking, walking Avatar!

    Nice work, i like how harvest works, not sure about Crafting since not done any that yet. :S

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    They going fix it.but game play in my book come first.I am sure it on his list!

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    I understand, having an ugly avatar that walks like a zombie and feels buggy will not sale to alot of people.
    Take a look at Lotro, the Graphics was really nice when it come out, but there Avatar and armor at lower lvls and up, did not impress me to stay in the game. Ryzom at probly the best weather-system of any game, it just was not for me.. Crafting was very nice, but it was, not fun for me.

    This game has alot to offer! I just hope the Avatar looks good and Combat works, and my Graphics don't Twitch-blink like it does now.

    Befor you say get a new comp, Got new one, to play Aion. And another fail for me, and that's why i want this game to work.

    Im not bashing the game, i give up $40 to help out, i belive in the people making the game, i just want it to rock so we have the best-Most talked about SandBox- EVER made!

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    It on the list....(quote from Xsyon)

    Just joking around....

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    Re:omfg social button!!!!1111 where'z mah foe'z at

    :woohoo: inch: :evil:

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