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    Pouches/basket severe bugs

    I recently, have reported several bugs regarding pouches/baskets.

    This is one of the basics that SHOULD WORK before moving into anything else.

    1) Items dissapeares from pouches, bins and baskets.
    2) Items in one bin are found in another one
    3) Bins dissapeaes and content are found in another basket.
    The content in this bin is lost.
    4) Emptied basket reports not empty and unable to pickup.

    Hopefully the container matters will be looked over and fixed before anything else.


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    Re:Pouches/basket severe bugs

    It looks like database reading/writing is getting lost in lag spikes.

    If I move an item into a container during a lag spike it doesn't appear in that container but creates a 'black hole' on the square it was meant to go into.

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