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Thread: sinkholes?

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    it seems that the terrain info is getting corrupted. Every now and then I will notice random holes in my walls/roads. Yesterday there was a big spike in a hole I had dug which was sharp at the top, so not so likely to be playermade.

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    One of our programmers is working on this right now.

    Are you able to smooth over or fill these random holes / spikes?

    Although the programmer has a decent grasp of what's causing this, any additional information helps.


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    yes they do smooth out, so far they have been a matter of 1-3 loads of dirt

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    Here are some characteristics

    They fill in like any other hole
    They mostly appear in terraforming
    A hole is not always visible to everyone
    A hole is normally visible to many others
    Holes will appear and disappear without being fixed over something like a day
    In the Shinra city perimeter we normally have 2 – 4 holes at any time
    A hole can be up to 5 meters deep
    They are not holes in the ‘world’, you can see the bottom
    They are V shaped that seem to form a point at the bottom

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