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    Who knows what's happening?

    Added to the lag.. things seem to be getting more and more buggy since the last updated.

    We just took a group of 4 players on a hunting trip. None of the members were seeing the same thing on their screens and we were all seeing each other in locations that we had already moved from. I was attacking a bear but, according to the team, I was still 20 mtrs away in the lake :S

    Here is a screenie of some more character and terrain issues. Characters are appearing bent, broken, skewed and all other weird postions - but different for each other.

    The 'hole' can only be seen by some clients... I just filled this one in about 5 minutes before Paradox stepped in it :blink:

    Here is Blackmere...

    .. he has a bad back now :laugh:

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    Re:Who knows what's happening?

    please email a link to this post to bugs, thanks.

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    Re:Who knows what's happening?

    Weird spikes now :huh:

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    Re:Who knows what's happening?


    Happens when in hide mode facing a campfire

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