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    Beyond the Official Features, Xsyon wish list

    I want to go beyond the official features of Xsyon, And start a Xsyon wish list of what we would love to see in-game.

    OK some of the things I would love to have in game may never be able to put in any game, But still, it would be cool.

    Mother Nature

    Thunder and lighting in them rain storms.

    Flooding from the spring thaw, And when we have a lot of storms back to back.

    Wild Fires that can burn down trees, grass and building if there is no fire breaks in place.

    Aggressive marine life that attack

    Tracks in the Dirt/Snow/Grass (decaying timer)


    Death by Lighting, Fire, Drowning

    Character Traits/Skills

    Tracking Animals and Humanoids

    Thieves [lock pick, pickpocket] A trait that all player characters have, But only starts at 5 skill points

    Temperature [Clothing that matters beyond conflict] If its hot outside and you have a lot of armor on then you get hot, If it's colder than a witches tit, And you are shirtless. Then you get to cold. Stay this way to long and you get ill.

    Beyond sitting, Not just sit on ground, But sitting on logs, Stumps, Chairs, Also laying down on the ground or bed, Laid back and resting on your elbows

    Visions. After the gods show up and we can follow the one we want, The player characters that are very high in favor with there god, Can have visions. This could be a prelude to coming events.

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    Re:Beyond the Official Features, Xsyon wish list

    I love the ideas! Lets keep this brainstorming going. The more ideas we can come up with the more xyson has to work with.

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    Re: Beyond the Official Features, Xsyon wish list

    Really good ideas Alik.
    And it would be at least good to know if it's even possible to implement them in Xsyon.
    For example the object mesh, I'd be interested if it allows different properties of different surfaces, so that one can allow you to sit (best practised the top one ).
    Well we'll see, after launch the devs may get bored and then ... hehe, dreaming is allowed at least.

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    Re:Beyond the Official Features, Xsyon wish list

    What i would love to see in the game(just my oppinion):

    -trap making
    -first aid / medicine

    -realistic animal behaviour (i dont want a black bear cub to chase me down ... its unrealistic it should run away, even a male should run away unless its mating season)
    -realistic animals i dont want to see sharks and krakens in the lake,because it just stupid
    -i would love to see birds and bird nests that can be harvested for food and other resources such as feathers
    -realistic loot, if i kill a bird i dont want it to drop like a sword...WoW sucks in this aspect.
    -Create some equalizer function in the game, in the sense as the more pwoerfull a tribe becomes the more problems they should face, more agresive spawns, fires, plagues, etc.
    - I would love to see a wide variety of weapons. I understand in prelude there will only be melle but allow the creation of several sorts of realisticly discovered / made melle weapons such as, short spears, machetes, knives, bats, hatchets, because lets me honoust you just dont see to many 2 handed axes lying around these days.

    Cant think of anything else so this is my potential contribution for now.

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