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    Having trouble trying to get into game. The launcher crashes straight after it is patched through. It takes 4 or 5 times of this before i get into the game. I was in the game for 3-4 minutes with really bad lag before I crashed out again. Now I have to go through the whole log in/crash process again

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    Having the exact same problem. Thought it may just been me lol. Yeah having the same problems as you. Am going to keep trying for a few more times and see.

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    Please make sure you have emailed this to the bugs email address, providing a link to this thread.

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    OK I fixed my problem. I have done a complete new install of Xsyon which worked a treat. The lag is so awful though it is too hard to play. I will wait until they have got it fixed

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    Sabina, if you are willing to try this it would be great.

    Try getting into game and going to different starting points and record what the lag is like. Reply here with the information. For example 'place one has nasty lag, place two has no lag at all...' etc.

    Thanks in advance.

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