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    very bad delayed actions at the moment, not only chatlag, even drinking etc.
    after that I couldn't login anymore.

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    Same here. After several attempts to login, I finally was able to log in only to get lag then server crashed, cant log in at moment, server is not online is what i got. Will try again.

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    thanks for company raven, having problems together makes them less hurting

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    nope, you are not alone LOL

    /que X-FILE music

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    Me three. Can't even play right now. I seem to be stuck in a minute or so delay

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    okay lol. thanks folks.
    well who ever 'nodle' is in forum,
    for your information: I have placed a storage bin with public permissions at the last location we have met. feel free to take what you need.
    doing some housework now lol.

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