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    Not sure if Insperation is working..

    To test this I built a toon who started with only Tahoe patterns..
    At 31 I maxed all 13 items,
    at 35 I learned Edgewood,
    at 36 I learned a second edge through crafting

    didnt learn a single other edgewood up to lvl 70

    at level 70 I read pattern CastleRock
    at 71 I craft learned another one...
    nearing 99 and have yet to craft learn another.

    Im thinking something is turning off the insperation learning once you learn 1 from crafting.

    for extra info, yes I've build up enough supplies where I can craft only CastleRock for several skill gains, so it's not "Your not crafting the Pat Group"

    After craft learning CastleRock Vest, have crafted 420 straps and 210 kneepads...not one gain.

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    Re: Not sure if Insperation is working..

    Please note I know nothing of the "inspiration" that is being talked about in this thread.

    When I think of inspiration, I often don't take one item and get a new idea from it, it normally comes from something else. For example the kneepad was created because I kept scrapping my knees, grass would have been used, then other resources.... straps would be used, then who knows what could improve it till I see that persons boots have spikes on the bottom of the shoe... what if we built two spikes in the kneepads? Interesting increase in attack power one would guess...

    So it may not be a bug, but it is one that has a good idea to it...

    anyways, have you emailed this in?

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    Re: Not sure if Insperation is working..

    from the features section:

    "Inspiration allows characters to gain crafting patterns similar to those already known, without the needs to find these or learn them from other players."

    Like how while crafting the starter sets we get we learn more of the starter sets.
    For some reason it seems to turn off on read sets after you inspire just one.
    Sending in email.

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    Re: Not sure if Insperation is working..

    Ok quick update,

    Craft learned a second Castle Rock Pattern *yay* but it happened on the skill gain after I read learned a Pattern, so not sure if that reset.

    Also wondering what happens after we hit skill 99,
    it seems like all craft learned patterns are gained during a skill up, so what happens when we max the skill gain? :laugh:

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