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    I just bought Xsyon (it sounded cool and interesting) and I realize I have no idea what I'm doing at this point (I've played for a grand total of 10 minutes) but is this even a playable game?

    I just seem to wander around in the woods and now and then seem to gather stuff at random (and automatically) and there seems to be a lot of server lag.

    I don't mean to sound critical but the UI is incredibly unintuitive so far. There are tons of little buttons on the left that seem to be emotes but they don't seem to have tooltips.

    I'm going to look in the forums and the site for some kind of documentation, maybe that'll help but my first impression is OMG can I have my money back

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    Re: Playable?

    not all features have been enabled yet. Also with the lag, they are working on it, it is a new development. Finally, sit back and relax and just try to enjoy the game and try out different things, it's beta.

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    The game is kind of laggy since the last patch a few days ago. They are working on it and I would guess we will have a fix ‘soon’. But before that everything was fine, no lag at all.

    I don’t think you will find much in the way of instructions besides basic movement and actions. This is shaping up to be a real sandbox. It will be what you make it.

    The Shinra have been very active now for months. I am enjoying crafting, hunting, and we have made a nice tribe city.

    I suggest finding a tribe or at least a few friends to show you the ropes. It can feel a bit empty until you become aware of others and what they are doing. Also try not to judge it to harshly until they fix whatever went wrong with the last patch.

    Look here for our tribe info

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    The game is still in testing mode.

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    hello Skolia if you click the home button you will find on the left menu is is button that says Chat, please click this and I will be able to help you in IRC. If windows gives a firewall security pop-up just accept it else you will not be able to reach IRC.

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    Thanks but I'd just like a refund at this point. I've contacted support via the web page for this.

    I'd be more forgiving (I'm a software developer myself) if this wasn't supposed to launch/release on Sunday (Aug 15). I'd say this game is in alpha stage, at best.

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    REVKhA, Wow, no need to be so hostile. I offered my first impressions for Notorious Games, not for you. I don't expect to be begged to stay and frankly with your attitude I wouldn't want to. I agree it's a big project, the game feature list promises a lot but there seems to be a rather severe discrepancy between that list and the actual product. I hope you and everyone else playing Xsyon enjoy it and I do hope it eventually delivers what it promised.

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