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    Breaking stacks apart

    I came cross a lot of flint, And with out thinking I grab them. So now I have a stack of 5 that I really would love to break apart to be able to give to alt's and tribe mates.

    Has any one found away to do this yet, Or can it be done at this point?

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    Re:Breaking stacks apart

    Can't split stacks right now... best to put them in a pouch individually

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    Re:Breaking stacks apart

    I also have the opposite problem where I cant combine some stacks together, even though they are exactly the same item and other stacks the same will combine these 2 just switch places. Is very annoying as you are currently unable to use items from 2 different stacks to fill the required ammount of an ingredient when crafting (was sure this use to work but not any more)

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