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    So, How are things at the moment?

    Hello there everyone!
    I was just wondering what are the general state of things as I haven't received an email update in a while. How is lag, features, combat, balance? All that stuff, just anything worth mentioning!

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    Re: So, How are things at the moment?

    Not a lot to report on right now. Nothing of note has been added into the game for the past month or so.

    Combat still needs a lot of work done to it.
    Not all skills are in.

    Etc. Perhaps in a few months time there will be something more substantial.

    Only major thing is that we no longer have an unrealistic launch date, finally it is now "when it is finished"

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    Re: So, How are things at the moment?

    Combat is still pretty much broken, hopefully they will add a new system to replace it. Other than that, nothing new to brag about.

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    Re: So, How are things at the moment?

    Aye, for the crafter in us, its about 20% done...the have the basics done but have yet to implement the cool stuff...
    For Pvp almost as bad..

    Craft items REALLY need even basic stats...ei +5 on pike skill.

    even craft has to be fixed..
    No diff between a Bone Scrapper and a metal one aside from how easy is to make...

    If all tool pats are as easy ill just max leather craft easiest since Tailor was forgoten at 50 and basket was even worse...
    Im mean really..weaponcraft..all max at lvl 25....weaponcraft...........
    meh..payed my 60 bucks and will help this game along.....Cummon!! weaponcraft?!?!?! omg lol

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    Re: So, How are things at the moment?

    I have no problem with waiting, I've got my preorder so I'll just wait until I get a nice email in the future telling me when release is. Until then I think I'll buy Arkham Asylum or maybe continue my Warband addiction.
    Anyway, hope you're all having fun and what not!

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