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    Errors Crossing Zone Boundaries

    I'm currently having much more problems journeying around the lake.

    I'm getting a crash out of game on almost every zone boundary now. This has definitely got worse for me in the past couple of days.


    Oh I've posted this in the wrong forum - sorry. Can someone move it?

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    Re: Errors Crossing Zone Boundaries

    Thanks for the report, also make sure you have sent in a email to the bugs line.


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    Re: Errors Crossing Zone Boundaries

    We are working on this.

    It's being caused by two things: a lot of terraformed ground and many fires.

    The issue with terraformed ground will go away when we 'bake' terraforming changes at the end of each day. Right now we've let these changes build up for about 2 weeks.

    The issue with the fires is being worked on now. It shouldn't be difficult to resolve and I expect a fix for this in 2 or 3 days.

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    Re: Errors Crossing Zone Boundaries

    Thanks for the reply. I'm glad there is a solution in hand.

    I kinda like the idea of 'baking' the terraformed land into the landscape. That's a nice way of explaining the action.

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