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    Large metal plate x4 to create Large Metal ...

    Divider, Shelf, Plate or what you want to name it. Unsure if the physics would allow it but allow these to be crafted as a 1x1 grid map square. Allow them to be placed on a leveled surface which allows dirt to be placed on top of them for a 'second floor' not interfering with the dirt below the plate. 10x10 grid, 10 of these plates. 40 gathered or salvaged metal plates, etc.

    For us terraforming fanatics out there.

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    Re: Large metal plate x4 to create Large Metal ...

    Don't hold your breath. This would require a fundamental change to the way terrain data is stored and handled, not something I see them doing at this stage.

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    Re: Large metal plate x4 to create Large Metal ...

    If I understand the thread correctly, you are wanting to create two story buildings out of terrain? If this is true, then this is my personal reply - not official.

    I doubt that such a event will be possible. The reason for this is because players will have structures that they can build.

    These structures however my allow for player interaction which could then allow for multilevel buildings... how they may allow that to happen is going to be interesting to see for sure... concrete foundation anyone?

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    Re:Large metal plate x4 to create Large Metal ...

    concrete. heh Another skill to mix it? How about Masonry? Cut stone foundations! I believe the physics of the game can support this type of leveling. Having a hard surface and to be able to 'dump' your piles of dirt on it. *points at the Archaeology and Architecture Majors*

    I really have little to no information about player made structures. Being able to create your own foundation, level it to what you need it too. Create textures for it. Something was said about cutting lumber from logs? *thumbs up* all for it.

    Anyways, This was simply one of the thoughts that has come across while I was terraforming a 3D floor plan of a house which has a basement and a second level. It's actually pretty darn fun.

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    Re: Large metal plate x4 to create Large Metal ...

    I think something like this has the potential to work within the current system. we can already bridge a gap with a set of logs. I don't think that piling dirt on top of the surface would work very well but if you had a couple of really tall walls you could maybe put some flat surfaces between them as floors at various heights. Throw in ladders or just dirt ramps and you have a multi story building. Also would come in handy as a walkspace along exterior walls. Throw in gates with permissions and you have a decent basic construction system

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