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    Looking for a tribe

    Thought I had a good fix, but do to difference in the way The Shinra is going, I am looking for a new tribe.

    I am first a crafter, will help out with pvp, but not very good at it, and can help with terraforming or building. I am looking for a tribe that is more mature, have fun and, wants to work together. If anyone knows of a tribe that would fit this

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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    i would suggest Templar personally


    we're currently in a kind of sleep mode on the forums just waiting for the game to get interesting
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    Re:Looking for a tribe

    I'm not sure what you are looking for but you might want to check out Hopi Tribe at [url][/url].

    We're a good tribe, focusing on crafting, cooperation and caring for the land. We have a mix of crafters, explorers, builders and hunter/fighters. Our leadership is mature, we have a mix of age groups from 17 to 40+.

    Currently most of our members are watching the game, though we do have a few who are active in testing and playing with the current versions.
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