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    Just thought i would throw a quick hello out there, picked up the game the other day, really like the ideas the dev team have. Im a sucker for small companies with big ideas on games like this.

    Im not usually one for posting on forums but i get the feeling this game is all about the community.

    Only had a quick blast in game so far, but im liking the crafting and gathering systems. (btw was just talking to someone in game called celest.... my comp decided to freeze, sorry wasnt ignoring you, and i still need that awl tool ).

    Anyway looking forward to seeing some of you guys online, my ingame name is Andy........

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    hey Andyh, nice to have you on board.
    Yep, because we all feel engaged to give our 'two cents' in what we love to have too this community is rather active in the forum. Love this, turned out to be my morning coffee accompaniment. B)
    And don't worry about beeing frozen because having contact with Celestial, I normally die then because jumping where she does ^^.

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    hey welcome
    can't wait to see ya in game

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    Welcome to Xsyon

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    Welcome to Xsyon, Andy.

    There are several helpful people in game, though the population will be small during the beta phase. It fluctuates depending on the time of day and if there were any recent client updates.

    You can use /h for a global chat help channel in game to get help if you need it.

    The main thing is to remember Xsyon is still in a beta phase with an unknown release date. Not all systems are active or working properly. But since the developer is not under the thumb of a publisher, they are taking the time to make sure things are working properly before the game goes live.

    So welcome again, take your time and enjoy the game.

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    Welcome to Xsyon. :woohoo:

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