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    Time zone

    Eventually, when the game gets released, it's going to be needed to be down for a span of time to patch, and bake, and all the lovely little other things needed for an mmo. I'm just curious what of when it will be pulled down or if it's going to be random. Also, what time zone are you going to list the time of server going down? GMT? PST? EST? Though I am a dumb American, I'd suggest using GMT, but that's just my opinion.

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    Re: Time zone

    That's a great question, at this time I have no information on this. However, my thinking would be that there will be that it would be random. The server time is likely to be GMT-7 which I think is Jooky's gmt value.

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    Re:Time zone

    From Xsyon

    Xsyon wrote:
    Soon we'll take the server down daily at a set time for about 15 minutes for some maintenence.

    Until then the patches will be quick like just now.

    Its just a guess but I think servers are in I'd say they will go by Central US or CST.

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    Re:Time zone

    Really? I would have thought Jooky was a European and living in somewhere like Brighton or Germany. Not sure why I thought that.

    Are you sure servers are going to be in the US?

    I am currently connecting from India and finding the ping and lag absolutely fine so far.

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    Re:Time zone

    Jooky lives in the Tahoe region, his TZ is Pacific Time. Most of the time based messages I have seen are based on the Pacific Time zone.

    The server is in Chicago, but the server time seems to be based on GMT.

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    Re:Time zone

    The current plan is 2AM PST (9 AM UTC/GMT) and the daily update should take from 15 to 30 minutes. I will specify this time as UTC/GMT.

    The servers are in Chicago, but everyone in the team is either in California / Nevada or Siberia.

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