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    firewall permissions and getting stuck

    This might be a suggestion/tweak but whenever I loose control of my computer I consider it a bug. After applying a new patch there is a tendency for the game to grab control of the display and cursor to the extent that there is no way to alt tab out. This isn't a problem normally but when I need to tell zone alarm that it is okay for the updated client to talk to the outside world, it sucks hard since the game hangs until it either gets through or it errors out. Sometimes the zone alarm alert will pop up.. but sometimes (I think it is when I may have accidentally clicked one too many times) it will get stuck behind the splash screen and I either have to wait for it to crash out and use keyboard commands on the task manager to get it to force quit, or just do a hard reboot. When this sort of thing happens I get really really angry so hopefully I have managed to express myself in a constructive way here.

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    Re: firewall permissions and getting stuck

    Hey there, first off sorry for the issues you have experienced. Because I'm not a support staff member I can't provide much help in terms of Zone Alarm (I use Comodo).

    My advice from memory is to add the client details to Zone Alarm before launching and see if that allows you to bypass the hang ups of this issue.

    Again this may not work as I don't know Zone Alarm that well any more, but it may be a temporary fix till someone higher up comes along that knows more about this program.

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