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    [ReEdit] Foraging

    I haven't tested this with other skills, but it seems foraging is bugged. When the player uses the hotbar to process requests, the player is able to send instructions to start fishing, then (when fast enough) start a forging.

    The game client however doesn't allow both to succeed, and the fishing (the first process) is the only one that completes.

    It seems to be any skill that processes a action. Process fishing and press the hotkey twice, and it will cast the line twice - again, only the first one is completed.

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    Bah I got excited then, I thought forging, sweet a new skill to try out, but you mean foraging dont ya?

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    By reading the context of what he was saying I would guess he was saying foraging. Shame as I thought we had some kind of metal smelting in game !

    Probably best to delete this thread

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    I've always assumed kiwibird was from New Zealand based on his name but I guess not.

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    Cunk wrote:
    I've always assumed kiwibird was from New Zealand based on his name but I guess not.
    Yup, I think he posted somewhere that he is from New Zealand.

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    Yup, I'm a Southern Kiwibird, from Kiwiland . Home of the Kiwi(bird) and the kiwifruit - which is why I use KiwiBird as my name as I love the bird more than the fruit, even thou I'm a fruit

    Err, do I have to edit myself for trolling lol?

    But to get back on track, yes, I did mean foraging, but its the new spelling I used - guess it hasn't caught on. Sorry for the confusion. -.-

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    Dont worry Kiwibird, or Kiwiland hmm or kiwifruit...
    You should be kiwibirdfruit lol

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