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    Under Development Topic Suggestion

    I think we all know you guys are constantly busy. But a "UNDER DEVELOPMENT" Section either on the forums or on the Main site or even both would be fantastic. I know or so I believe I saw a player driven list, but it is nowhere near updated or close. We are still in Beta and I personally would like to know at least what features we will be testing. They don't have to be exact but even if they were put over a month, it would help me tremendously in looking for issues or errors. Something like this:

    Under Development

    -Fixes for Major Bugs
    -Adding Tribes
    -Wipe (Character & Entries)
    -Memory Leak Fixes
    -Server Stability
    -Performance Increase (Client-side)
    -UI Overhaul
    -Medical Added
    -Range Weapons Added
    -Terra-forming Tweaks
    -Website Optimization

    Or something of the sorts. I think many people whom get into betas forget they are testing, and to show this kind of information I firmly believe will help keep milestones, especially when it comes from the Dev's themselves.

    Like I said that is my two cents.

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    Re:Under Development Topic Suggestion

    Not a bad idea at all

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    Re:Under Development Topic Suggestion

    I try to include this as part of my updates, but I agree this is a good suggestion.

    I will add a new Under Development thread so there is a clear list of what you all can expect soon.

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