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    Error: Could not create a file.

    Not sure what is going on, First time for me to not be able to get past the Xsyon Launcher.

    At first it just kelp saying processing .... And when there was to many ...bots... It would lock up. Did that two times. So I used my GameBooster, And after that is when this "Error: Could not create a file." happen. GameBooster may be to blame on the file deal, But it still was not working right before that.

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    Re: Error: Could not create a file.

    I think they are updating still Alik, If i try to log into the launcher , The second i enter my password and hit enter i get the "Xsyon.exe has stopped working". im guessing its on their end ...

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    Re: Error: Could not create a file.

    I'm in the game and its working for me

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    Re: Error: Could not create a file.

    hmm Just tried it after you posted Jad and i get the " patcher has stopped working bla bla bla"... hmm

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    Re: Error: Could not create a file.

    If you are getting this error:

    1) Restart your computer. This will make sure a crashed version of the game or launcher is not stuck running in the background. Run the launcher and wait several minutes to process packs. It can take a long time on some files. If you get stuck again, restart and go to step 2.

    2) Delete xsyon.exe from your Xsyon/Bin directory.

    3) If those steps donít work, try deleting the following files from the Xsyon/Data directory (one at a time) and then run the launcher after each deletion.

    Try is this order from smallest to largest file:


    What's happening is that part of the Processing Packs takes a long time and you might get the Not Responding message because the window doesn't refresh, however the launcher is still running.

    If you stop the process, it could corrupt one of the files apparently. We'll look into this more next week. For now, the above solution should work.

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    Re: Error: Could not create a file.

    Top stuff!

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    Re:Error: Could not create a file.

    Same thing happened to me today. Reinstalling the game fixed it. Wish I seen these instruction first

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    Re:Error: Could not create a file.

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, try this step as well as.

    1) Open the Xsyon\\Bin directory and Right Click on Xsyon.exe.
    2) Click Properties, change to the Security tab.
    3) Near the middle of the window, click on Edit.
    4) In the upper list, check to see if you have a entry called Users (...\\Users) (the dots will be the computer name), if you do, skip the next step, if you don't do the next step.
    5) Click on Add. Type in USERS, then press Check Names, this should then give you the correct name, clicking Okay will add it to the list of users.
    6) In the list under Permissions for Users, place a tick in the Full Control box.
    7) Click Apply, Click Okay, and try launching it again.

    If you still have problems and your account is an Administration account, try applying the Permissions for Administrators to Full Control as well. Finally if you still don't have access, try adding your own personal account to the list, which will be the account name you sign in with.

    Hopefully that helps without having to delete items.

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