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Thread: Some questions

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    Some questions

    Hello all,

    I have been following and testing the game since almost the beginning, though I stopped testing 1 month and a half ago due to work. Today, I felt like reading again all the features of the game, and some things came to my mind aftear reading all the points:

    1) Is the crafting system totally implemented? I mean, different types of resources (different types of wood, metal, rock etc), dying system, blueprints for different levels of crafters, etc.

    2) Are mobs still being tested or they are fully implemented at the moment? What I want to know is if the actual mob population is the final one, and if all the mobs types that will be at release date are at the game now (undead human, mutants and animals).

    3) Is taming implemented? And riding animals?

    4) About combat, special abilities are already implemented?

    If some of the above things are not in the game, can I get information about them beeing still planeed for release?

    thans in advance. Each time i enter into the world I can't imagine how wonderfull it will be once released, no game can compare to this!

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    Re: Some questions

    Don't you love techonology when it doesn't work, I typed a nice response to your questions and then found out the forum logged me out! Argh I say, argh, argh argh. Anyways...

    Welcome back to Xsyon, I remember your avatar if nothing else

    The crafting system is still in what I personally would call a demo of what can be done (no official word on that thou). More items was either added or fully functional as they where intended to be, but I still believe they are in demo mode.

    Trees are varied and likely where varied when you where posting to the forums, they can now be used for fuel (on a camping fire).

    As for metal, I don't believe any information about that is known. It's still a wait-and-see endeavour. Rocks are in game, there use is limited to use in a basic camp fire, we don't know what (if anything) Granite or Limestone can be used for other than this use. Dying isn't yet implemented, and if I may guess I don't think it will be present in Prelude - dying is linked with age; which wont effect players at the start of the game.

    Blueprints for different levels? I am unsure what you mean, however any details on 'Levels' are hidden from players.

    Mobs are currently one of the projects being worked on at the moment (IIRC). The spawning of animals is not engaged and requires Guides to spawn them in game. Currently only limited to Bears, Deer, Coyote, Raccoon. Taming and/or riding of pets is not enabled and no knowledge is known.

    Special abilities is something that no one knows about. We don't know if there are special abilities or if there will be.

    Everything listed in the features list will be added to the game for Prelude, without those features, the new story/chapter/plugin wont work.

    Again, welcome back, and hope you enjoy the game as it currently is developing.

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    Re:Some questions

    I thought treyu was asking about Fabric dye, Not Dead, Dieing , No more, Pasted away, Feeding the worms now, 6 feet under.

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    Re:Some questions

    If that's true, then I believe that is a suggestion as it's the first time Ive read that notion - then again colour of fabric doesn't interest me in game.

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    Re:Some questions

    There will a future UNDER DEVELOPMENT forum coming soon.

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    Re:Some questions

    thanks for answering. ALL i posted before was taken from the Features listed at the webpage, all are ment to be in game at Prelude. That is why I made the post. Fabric dies, different crafter levels (master crafer, apprentice, etc, each with different recipies), combat abilities, taming and mounts, different types of mobs including mutants and human undead... read the feature list again (quite long hehe) and you will find all under Prelude, not under Evolution!!.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing the info you have!

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    Re:Some questions

    The only resources are trees, stone, and grass. Grass is used for basketry, trees and the logs you get from them are useless, and stone is (as kiwibird said) only good for making campfires. Fires don't even need fuel. They will burn indefinitely.

    You can find blueprints while scavenging and they do come in different levels.

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