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    Skill-Craft levels, cap at 100?

    Hello everyone.
    Anyone else noticing after getting 100 in crafting or skills, the more you do, the numbers stay the same? Is 100 cap for crafting and skills? When reaching 100, does it take 1200 plus combine/clicks to prgress to 101 and see if whether or not we get new recipe/pattern/schemes? I know we get a lot of patterns/schemes from scavenging. When we get 100 in scavening, will the number continue to increase? I know it took a hell of a lot of crafting/combines in toolcraft to get to 100 and tailoring to 100. So why am I trying to get to 101 in toolcrafting? Seeing if we get more recipe/patterns/schemes after 100. Or is it a waste of time, other then making things for everyone?
    Will running, jumping, hiding, swimming, cooking, etc., will those skills increase beyond 100? I will try 2000 more times and see if the numbers go up, if not, oh well.
    Can anyone confirm with fact(s) you can go beyond 100?
    Is there a "100" bug like the "99" bug? Have to log off for a few then log back on for it to take effect?

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    Re:Skill-Craft levels, cap at 100?

    Morning everyone.
    I concluded that there maybe a level cap.
    Just finished doing a total of 1506 combines, from 100 to what would be 101. I dont know how many combines it took me from 25-88, but from 89-100 it took me 4363 combines (give or take 15). So for now, unless there is a cap, it will take over 1507/2000 plus combines to progress if any at all, and not sure of getting a new scheme or not. Of course scavenging is the best way to get newer recipe, patterns and schemes.

    Will skills also have similar progression level?

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    Re:Skill-Craft levels, cap at 100?

    I can't find it now, But I know I read that we will be able to go past 100. I don't think you get anything from going past 100, Other than saying you are at 101 are what ever. And maybe the decay rate is lower above 100.

    It's hard as hell(At lest for me) to find anything using the in forums search now. Way to many pages to deal with.
    This is what I did find from the feature list.

    Supreme Master level of craftsmanship for those characters whose achievements top their peers.

    Characters achieving the Supreme Master level of craftsmanship work with the Xsyon team to introduce a crafted item of their own design.
    But I am sure that Jordi said that we was going to be able to level past 100

    Also at this time 100 may be cap, Just for testing, But not sure how going over 100 could hurt even in testing. But then I have never tried to build an MMO.

    Oh and a little off topic, But I am one of them people who likes having titles. So I hope they let us use a title like "Supreme Master of _____" before or after our name. Hell for that matter, Above or below it would work too.

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    Re:Skill-Craft levels, cap at 100?

    Here is one of the posts detailing skill caps.
    Xsyon said:
    1) Buildings have different access levels. You can share access with friends.

    Storage containers can be kept in buildings.

    2) Lore isn't very developed for the Prelude, but we have some interesting plans for this...

    3) Currency is lootable. We will have banks in the near future.

    4) Melee. Evolving to archery, soon. Evolving to magic in the future.

    5) Skills go to a master level of 100. Beyond that, you can keep building your skill but it becomes very difficult.
    Though most of these posts are fairly old on the subject, here are some more:

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