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Thread: Anyone around?

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    Anyone around?

    Hi everyone!
    I got in game yesterday and have spent abpout 5 hours playing. Overall i think it looks promising but unfortunately i havent bumped into any fellow players or creatures yet. I have mostly been looking around the north end of the lake, i have found plenty of campfires around crystal/lake/incline but no real people!

    Where are you all id like some company!

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Hey bruisie159, Welcome to the game :cheer:

    It's hard for me to get on for any real amount of time on the weekends, As I work on the weekends and still try to do the yard thing like the rest of you. But I would have to think that the numbers are down because of the pending update coming next week or so. It's going to give us tribes to play with, But it's going to wipe player and terra as well.

    But to help you find people in-game, Try a /h Any one home? The /h put's you in the help chat. I think that is the only open world chat we have. But that may help you link up with people in-game.

    Also, Look around see if any tribes look good to you, And see if they would not mind you hanging out with them in-game. Just a thought. Any way, Welcome to the game and hope to see ya in Xsyon soon.

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    Re:Anyone around?

    thanks a lot ill be around again later tonight ive just messing around with grass in the mean time but ill try the help channel too

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Hello Bruisie,

    I think the world will be mostly empty until our next update.

    We're going to wipe all characters and the terrain changes with a big update very soon, so a lot of players are holding off right now.

    Still, you can always PM one of the Guides and they can show you around. One of them is usually online (or not too far from the computer).

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    Re:Anyone around?

    And how do we PM one of the Guides? Is there a list? A in-game code? Othere than yelling for help with /h I have no idea how to ask the guides for help.

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Probably right now, the best way to contact a Guide, if they are online, is to use the Help chat channel. Type /h then your message to enter the help channel. Then once contacted, you can use the PM or Whisper channel, /w <name>.

    Please note that characters with spaces in their names can not be whispered to right now, but a fix is in the works.

    The land will seem fairly devoid of players for a few days, most people are waiting for the wipe to take place before investing more time in game.

    General or Local chat only has a range into your neighboring zones, so a 1 to 2 km distance, depending where you are in your current zone.

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Thanks for the replies, I have tried /h , seems im the only one around today - understandable i suppose with impending wipe! The world has a good feel to it though and the little ive done so far looks good. The ability to use resources from in the world to design and build compounds and structures along with terraforming are great, total sandbox

    Im looking forward to seeing how creatures/ hunting and crating devops over the near future.

    look out for Ebony in game, say hi if you see me

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    Re:Anyone around?

    We have a Guide List as part of the Welcome message here:

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Hi there Ebony, and welcome to our tribe

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    Re:Anyone around?

    Hi snake and everyone else!

    I have to say the community here have been probably the best i have seen in any mmo including the guides in game. a great start and im excited about getting getting stuck into xsyon asap!

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