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    Basket subloop stacking bug

    Was crafting multiple baskets same location.. Baskets drop to floor after successful attempts instead of appearing in inventory.. I assumed they would appear in the inventory and continued making baskets.. I open inventory and no baskets.. I notice they were on the ground stacked...

    The bug with this is.. Some baskets can be retrieved, however... Some cannot.. They are permanently stuck.. No options pop up on right or left click..

    I attempted relog, and different camera views, amongst other things till the point I gave up, figured they were ghosted permanently...

    I can for see this being an issue in time as player population increases... Imagine a server filled with crafted containers that cannot be moved or picked up...

    Making baskets appear in inventory after a craft should resolve the issue..

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    Re: Basket subloop stacking bug

    This is correct, sometimes the baskets stack to a height of 3 down to 1 (total 6) baskets.

    Sometimes they don't, making a stack of 1x1.

    The problem currently is that when they are 1x1, you click one that isn't the newest drop, you wont be able to pick it up - that part is at least correct. The stacking of 1x1 isn't.

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