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    Password Changing Problems

    I tried to change my game password and was unable to do so. I was only able to change the forum password. Is there anyway to actually change the game login password?

    Then to make matters worse. Changing my forum password changes my game status from Subscription to registered. I can still play the game but now I'm unable to post on the Xsyon Citizens.

    Is it possible to fix this?

    Clearly it is disappointing I can not post on the Citizens forum but my worse fear is that I'll lose access to the game at some point.

    As well as my own problems I guess this is a bug/issue that needs fixing. I imagine many players like to change passwords from time to time.

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    Re:Password Changing Problems

    When you change your forum password, it should change your game password, though it may take a few minutes to process. Right now your game password is linked to your forums password.

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    Re:Password Changing Problems

    Well it didn't when I changed it and I'm not going to change any passwords again now.

    I'd rather lose the ability to forum post than lose game access.

    Can I get support via this forum from someone who can fix the problem and change my status from registered back to subscription?

    Edit: I guess I should have put this in the Public Support forum. If a moderator can do that I'd be glad.

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    Re:Password Changing Problems

    One moment: transfering you to the next available support team (moving your post first).

    Upon rereading your post before the move, I will move it to the correct location, however will let Admin/Dev know they have to reply to you via PM as you likely wont be able to see the posts.


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