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    Any plans to replace the current animations

    Right now the game feels like a lot of the action animations are just place holders.

    Are there plans to replace the animations like Jump, Scavenging etc.?

    Example: Scavenging action doesn't even show your char on the ground while sifting through the junk. They just move their arms in the air while standing.

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    Re:Any plans to replace the current animations

    Combat animations aren't great either... Actually they just look like shit, no offense.

    I know it's a sandbox game and that content > graphics but if you want to create an immersive world animations are important. It has to feel "real" to work.

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    Re:Any plans to replace the current animations

    Other than remaining standing while scavenging I don't see a problem with the animations. But I enjoyed the hell out of Wurm so my bar is low.

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    Re:Any plans to replace the current animations

    Xsyon wrote:

    Combat revisions are in progress. Player versus player collision has been implemented. The actual hit now takes place at the end of a swing, which should allow players to more effectively use blocking and dodging.

    Starting tribe totems.
    Player vs player collision (for improved combat).
    Combat and movement tweaks.

    Speed tree optimization.
    New terrain.

    Taken from last two update announcments...
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    Re:Any plans to replace the current animations

    This doesn't fix the bad animations. But player collision is a good start.

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