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Thread: Rice fields!

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    Rice fields!

    May I have some rice please? Miso soup? Chicken curry with veggies? yumm!

    Anyways, I like the rice fields. Very nice to whomever created.

    Well, They look like rice fields.

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    Re: Rice fields!

    Too much trouble to post a screen shot?

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    Re:Rice fields!

    possibly the new terrain? or Pael's going crazy.

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    Re:Rice fields!

    Sorry. With the absence of info I was hoping someone would claim their artwork. I created a character and spawned in game at Tallac? I could be wrong with the name. South part of the lake. Several edges of rivers or lakes, someone has created various pools, side by side. Wish they could be terraced at different heights. Very nice. Thought I would give props too.

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