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    Looking for a home.

    Looking for a Neutral or Good Tribe to join, I am from the PST time zone just an fyi there.

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    Re:Looking for a home.

    There are a few tribes posted you should take a moment and look them over. Most are Neutral so they will fit you.

    Kali Ma, the one I am forming, is based on US time so your welcome to join.

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    Re:Looking for a home.

    Hey, view the tribe's and check which one's are best suited to your ability.

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    Re:Looking for a home.

    the United Survivor's Republic is looking for members. We're an American time zone based clan, so you fall in with us. Take a look at our thread if you like.

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    Re:Looking for a home.

    If you are still looking, the Brotherhood of Change are looking for members, you can read out tribe description here.


    PM me if interested.

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